As of late, I have become a combination of inspired and bored. Inspired by the future, and bored with my closet.  So my roaming eye brought me to what other options i have, seeing as how i’m “sample” size and can pretty much pull off anything, i did some research on things and people and came to this………



I Immediately got my entire life… I have been wearing skinny jeans since 98 when parasuco’s were out and everyone thought that they were just for girls, i was the one who pushed that boundary and wore them fervently with sweatshirts, tees and the like. now men are wearing leggings and im only but too happy to go out and purchase atleast 50 pairs…….but my question is what does one wear beneath them?….you know…….im  sure my Hanes and Papi underwear wouldn’t flatter them……..But ill work it out….. watch me.

kingmegs3  kingleg kingleg1 kingmeggings_5


Also im in NEEEED of this ear cuff for MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!


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