This weekend i had the lovely opportunity to just sit on my ass and do absolutely nothing. It was amazing. Saturday i sat in and made many many new necklaces and a few clothing items i had been wanting for a while. Learned a lot of new techniques, ( Bless the internet) for sewing and beading. But also i took some time and hung out with a friend. We went to the mall of all places. I only go to the mall about 3 times a year. moms birthday, Christmas, and when i feel like being cute in shit that i didn’t buy at the mall. this time we went to Del Amo mall which is one of the biggest malls in SouthBay LA and has over 200 stores. so i got a tiny bit of life. Along the way, aside from being stared at by everyone and being told that i look like spike lee ( as if i haven’t heard it A MILLION TIMES!), we ran into a Hanukkah concert of some sort. they had free cotton candy, latkes, soda and some other stuff too. Of course you know i went for the food first….

imagejpeg_2 Fyi: Latkes are pretty good. I think i may have to try and find me a jewish man…… stay tuned…..

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