sigh*…. imma tell you right now the way it is and if you hear me then good for you and if you don’t then you weren’t meant too, but imma say it so its known.



The truth is never hidden. No matter how many lies or layers you create to cover it up it will ALWAYS be visible to one person or another. Because you see the truth is a light, and yet its so Heavy that those of us who carry it usually cant pay another person to take it. Most folks will avoid it, deny it, try and bury it or make remarks about what they have read and “heard” to devalue the truth. No matter which of your senses you decide to use to try and discredit it you cant deny what you see. The truth is always seen. Whether you think your showing it or not. people like to say that i’m mean or cold-hearted, and they are right, i’m both. But i will tell you that being “mean” comes when nice has been overspent. and in order for a heart to grow cold it must first be warm… right?…. i’m human like all of us…. we are all human… the less you worry about how many people CANT relate to you… the less you worry about what others think of you… the more you will realize that we are all alike… and most of the time… folks are thinking the same thing as you are………. people may not like the truth, but they will respect it… and from your truth, will come their own.

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