5 tips for booking a modeling job

The Brasharian

There is a growing demand for handsome men with a sense of humor and entrepreneurial spirit by companies looking to expand their awareness in the male community.  Bloggers have an excellent foundation to reach out to designers to model because they probably have experience doing street-style shots in collaboration with bloggers.  Women have been the money makers of the vintage modeling age, but brands are swiftly investing more into their men’s collections after seeing the rapid expansion of online sales for men’s products that has occurred over the past few years.  Modeling isn’t something that can easily be taught: it’s a complex business with a lot of politics and a lot of competition.  Companies always contribute a large portion of their revenue into their marketing budget, and image/branding is a major time and money investment.  The summer is an excellent time to start researching out and making some extra cash to put in the…

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