Healthy Food Tip- How to select your poultry and meat

Norwich Meadows Farm and NMF Organic, Halal, Grass-Fed Meats

What is the best way to select poultry and meat?
When selecting any type of meat we should try and meet two broad health goals. First, we should be trying to select meats that are high-quality and not contaminated with residues of hormones, antibiotics, and other health-compromising substances. Second, we should be choosing meats that are not high in total fat or saturated fat.
Luckily, when it comes to that first goal of high-quality meat, the national organics law does a good job of protecting us. The quality of animal foods can be more difficult to assure than the quality of plant foods since animals (compared to plants) eat relatively large amounts of food and live for relatively long periods of time before slaughter. For this reason, environmental contaminants can be more readily stored and concentrated in meat through a process called biomagnification. This makes the selection of high-quality meat…

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