Summer Just Got Interesting, Dent De Man Raise The Menswear Fashion Stakes.

Dent De Man Spring Summer 13 African Inspired Tailoring

Every now and again you come across a lookbook that leaves you a little speechless, for a blogger that’s not normally a good thing when you want to write a post about it. Well that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across the incredible tailoring collection from Dent De Man, this is without a doubt the best lookbook i’ve ever seen – its beautiful!  I’ve always been a big fan of tailoring and throughout summer there isn’t a pattern or print I won’t try, so for me this collection is a dream come true. It’s always nice to find a story behind a brand, something that gives the clothing an identity and presence to stand out in the market. Dent De Man scours the markets and bazaars of Africa to source the most exotic and luxurious materials to create it’s authentic range of tailoring. If you want to stand…

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