How to Wear a Tux on Any Occasion


You see it at almost every wedding and black tie event, men wearing their tuxes that look more like waiters than anything else.  The Tuxedo is not some new fasset of fashion.  It’s been around for seemingly forever and will never go away.  That does not mean that it can’t evolve…tux

Seriously boys, think about it before you rock the tux to your next big boy event, whatever it may be.  Let’s look at some ways to renovate your tuxedo or find the next big thing for tuxes:

"Les Bien-Aimes" Premiere - 64th Annual Cannes Film FestivalColor: I’ve made it very clear in previous posts that tuxes do not need to be your basic blacks and whites.  I am still a very big believer of the epic, midnight blue tux, but shop around and see that there are other classy shades of blue, in the tuxedo department.  And if you dare to be bold… look into burgundy tuxes!

Casual Tux: Got…

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