The Shoe of the Season: How to Wear it On Any Occasion


I’ve often heard my Father refer to the sock-less look as the “Rich Guy” look, but really it is the summer look with sophisticated style.  The loafer is the shoe of the season, bottom line.  Last season it was the monk strap, wing tips are acceptable in every season, but for spring/summer occasions  don’t forget about your loafers.  photo-1

Loafers can be worn in many ways with many wardrobes.  Suit and tie?  Check.  Jeans and a T-shirt?  Check.  Shorts, button down, and jacket?  Check.

I really admire a loafer with quality tapered and hemmed pants.  That means, the pant fits nice and slim and there is no break at the bottom.  When the weather is warm, you want people to see your bare ankle or your stylish socks, so don’t have your pants be longer than they should and end up looking like Gumby.57e343adb7d92e74168e9ac605201741

If you’re wearing a suit and…

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