I am in a whirlwind of life i have created on my own. Everything that i am doing makes me happy except for my dreadful administrative job, and im on the verge of quitting very soon. I had come to the realization, a while ago, that life is too short for me to be doing what i hate. Meanwhile… i have a life that i couldn’t afford had i not a “Job”. And though i have an incredible man by my side i would never place the burden of having to be fiscally responsible for the both of us on him. He is too good of a person for me to do that to him. plus it would be a continuation of what his past relics have done, and i refuse to be a repeat. The fact is that money is my problem and the solution to my problem…. isnt that exceptional?…. how do u fix a problem with a problem…… this is where i am right now.  im not very good at staying in a place i hate for too long… I am however good at keeping up appearances….. and so while it appears that i am fine here… i wake up and say a cuss word every week day before i even take my first waking breath…… so what am i to do?… it almost sounds like robbing a bank is my saving grace but that takes so much more than i have to give. i wish someone would die and leave me their money…. that would be Amazing…. until then… im biding my time and saving my funds so that i can start my own company and get the fuck out of HERE. the quality of my life stinks… and im tired of the smell. 

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