Abia Mahlase MJ AND STUFF

Fashion expressionists are my life line. I probably wouldn’t even be doing what I do if these tremendously adorned humans did not make parts of the circles I navigate. They are the very reason I dream in technicolour, rhinestones, gigantic shapes and diverse textures. This time I am meaningfully paying homage to a good friend, slash reality TV star, slash an awesome fashioner of note and the always fiercely kitted creator of the topical AMEN label Abia Mahlase. In addition to strutting through life as one of the most recognisable, flourishing faces in the industry and (to a certain degree) brand of cool, he has such an inimitable taste. In these pics Abia went with a carefully layered direction and his choice of neutral sand tones allowed plenty of opportunity to play with textures, prints, lengths and fits. From his choice of bulky lace-ups circa early 90s meets Mad Max…

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