Religion oversized tee Mahlatse James

We’ve been through this; whenever I claim to fall in love with something, be it a shade of colour, a specific shape or clothing brand; I always go all the way –hook, line and sinker vibes.  Set on always trying to appear unpredictable, I seem to have revisited an affair with the good old black and white uniform. Remember when I themed this year’s #MBFWJ around monochrome gear? This time around, I styled my somewhat “A-game” look around this amazing white oversized T-shirt top from RELIGION. These pictures do no justice to it, this piece is all forms of fabulous; luxe cotton layered with flowsy scarf-like, block cut chiffon tresses –gorgeous I tell you. Absolutely alluring to a naked eye and can be a bit tricky to introduce into one’s wardrobe, I foresee many fantastical moments with this one. On this particular evening, I wore it atop my trusted…

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