Always pretending to work, and never really making a difference here is bothering me. I am undoubtedly the most annoyed person in the world. To have a job, that pays pretty decently, where i scolded if im not even “pretending” by the Biggest pretender here. My boss. A Native amrican woman who passes for white and light messican often.never mistaken for a native, ever. and why should she be, she practically IS white…. except that she “hates white people” and all that jazz she tried pumping to me before she became a fucking bitch-asaurus.

i do not like two faced people, but even worse i cannot stand a petty offender. dont come at me like your my friend one day and as my boss the next day, then be mad cause you were wrong the whole fucking time the NEXT day and take it out on me with “extra work”? This shit is bird material.

and im exhausted…. i mean so friggin tired right now… imma go to the gym and work on my legs and arms and then im gonna go home and fuggin crash. this day has already tried my patience.


i shoulda napped during lunch.

about 2 hours until she leaves and even then still imma just go nap in the bathroom for 15….

hell imma do that anyway cause i get a break and i will take it.

im slightly high but not enough to deal with this bullshit.
i see now my focus has to be a LOT clearer than it has been. which is fine. it wil be eve moe clear once i stop smoking and leave this place. i must leace this place..

the goal is to gain a career in which i can nuture my artistic views and change the world. i wish i had thought of this earlier in life.

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