Sole Power

Forever Black Effusion


Kenyans can now charge phones from the soles of their shoes through a technology entering mass production. Kenya’s 25-year-old Anthony Mutua developed an ultra- thin chip that generates electricity when put under pressure. The chip charges the phone when placed 10cm from a shoe taken off after walking or running. With funding from the National Council for Science and Technology, Mutua is now selling the charger and his branded shoe dubbed Am-utua, which retails at between KSh1,800 and KSh4,200 ($20-50). “I have sold 912 pairs of my own branded shoe and fitted about 2,200 shoes with my chips,” says Mutua, whose idea is patented in Kenya though the shoes are made in India.”Eventually I will transfer the production of the shoes to Kenya,” he says. He has turned to GoFundMe, a fundraising website, to raise KSh16m to establish a plant in his own country.”

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