Interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child’s Tamra Davis

Stephanie Nolasco


It’s been 25 years since an aspiring filmmaker from Los Angeles would videotape an interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat, the rock star of the art world who, by age 27, would pass away from a heroin overdose. Since his death in 1988, the myth of the infamous artist continues to grow, becoming more legendary than truth. Decades later, Basquiat would be best remembered as a homeless nomad dressed in paint splattered Armani suits and crowned with dreadlocks who bedded countless women, including an unknown Madonna, and used his friendship with Andy Warhol to increase his celebrity-a grossly exaggerated tale. Despite selling countless pieces for over thousands of dollars, the Puerto Rican-Haitian, who ran away from his middle class Brooklyn home to pursue his passion for art, faced discrimination and was categorized as a wild street kid by the media. It was one of the many reasons why Hollywood director Tamra…

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