New York Fashion Week: Ovadia & Sons S/S ’14

The Southernmost Gentleman


Shimon and Ariel Ovadia twin’s native to the borough of Brooklyn, New York where named best new Menswear designers in America in 2012, and we can see why; both being members of the CFDA, these innovatory siblings are a force to be reckoned with. Their spring 2014 collection, though, composed primarily of grey, black, white, olive green and navy, have managed to take standout colors such as teal and burnt sienna and added flare and youthful sophistication to their collection. Clever spring jackets that work as a great transitional piece make for a great introduction to the collection. A standout piece that in my opinion has always had a more paternal sense of style is the Hawaiian print inspired short sleeve button up. With a more modern concept to the shirt this piece was well styled with a pair of black pants and a black sweater, giving one that hint…

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