New York Fashion Week: Patrik Ervell S/S ’14

The Southernmost Gentleman

Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell showcased his new line at fashion week in New York City and he delivered a miniscule taste of West Coast in a line that merges casual and chic.  Pairing tailored and graphic pieces, with shorts and sandals to create a silhouette that is supremely monumental .

The tones exceed the runway and capture the viewer.  His use of technical prints are tastefully fabricated and in a way that just says, “You know you want to obtain this.”  He blends angular and jarring lines with oceanic prints and colors, and then vaults to vibrant reds and blues to create silhouettes that are like no other we have experienced this season. This collection showcases an underlining nautical aesthetic that is not blatant to the consumer, but definitely makes a statement.  If you require a silhouette that illiterates a nautical theme with pure opulence and comfortability, then we have found the designer…

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