I am  Jam. A 28 year old smart ass/ Genius who moved to LA simply because the weather is better than Washington D.C.  I moved here with no money, knowing no one, and having no real idea as to what I wanted to do.Upon arrival i Began to get caught up in the hype of it all. everyone told me I was funny, so I tried being a comedian. Everyone told me I should act, so I tried acting. Everyone told me I can dress really well, so I considered being a Stylist to the “stars”. In the End I learned not to listen to everyone. Everyone is stupid. However, now i’m here with no career and still have everybody in my ear. And though i’m flushing out my fears, i still have an inkling of doubt in the rear. What am I doubting?……Well not myself….I have no doubt that I can do what I want to do….my doubts come in when I begin to try and Figure out what it is that i am passionate about. I also realize that in order for me to prosper in any direction i need what is called “front money”. I’m going to have to front myself some money in order to make more money, in other words, make a dollar out of 15 cents. that will be hard for me considering my spending habit which i have considerably improved on, and my luck…which is for shit depending on who you ask. This is one part of my processes in life….I’m blessed to have the same issues over and over to fix as opposed to having new ones….that i thank the creator for. But now that im 28…why am i in the same process??…..that my friends…is my dilemma i face ( and try desperately to change) daily……welcome.

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